Chicago Photography Workshop 2024

Take a trip through the Windy City!

I will be guiding you on maximizing natural light during these magical hours. Additionally, the workshop includes hands-on sessions on editing techniques to enhance your photos, making them stand out.


You'll learn how to use editing tools effectively, ensuring your cityscape images reflect the vibrant energy of Chicago. This workshop is a fantastic step towards your goal of becoming a full-time travel photographer, offering both practical skills and creative inspiration. Get ready to capture the charm of Chicago's cityscape in a whole new light!

By the end of the workshop, you will have 6-8 fully edited images to either print or sell of the beautiful City of Chicago.

Chicago Workshop: Day 1

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

6am - 8am(Sunrise)

Sunrise Skyline North Avenue Beach.

11am - 2pm

Editing of the Skyline photos.

2pm - 4pm

Time off to rest, visit the city, shops, etc.

4pm - 8pm (Sunset 5:54pm)

Sunset photos of Chicago Riverwalk.